The Christian Furry Fellowship

A Manifesto

We were all drawn to the fandom for some reason or another. Maybe it was the allure of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, or the message of friendship from the Fox and the Hound. Perhaps someone slipped on a fursuit and experienced the joy at making a young one laugh. Maybe it was the art or the music or any number of things that first made us aware of “Furry” and the community that was quickly making furry its home.

Of course, it would be naive to say that not all of our drives to the fandom were always positive.  Some fled here out of a fear of growing up and tackling the responsibilities of adulthood.  Some seek the emotional thrill of codependency that the accepting nature of the fandom tends to cultivate. And then of course we have the folks who seem primarily attracted by the sexual facets of the fandom…

Good or bad, we’re here. The fandom is our “home.” It’s a place where we can be ourselves, or through the anonymity of the internet, we can be someone else for a while. But if you’re reading this with any sort of interest at all, I bet I can point out something else that you and I have in common.

We’re Christians.

but. . .Who are we? What are we? Why?

-We’re Christians, different.

-we seek to have a relationship with a living God, not follow a bunch of rules and punish those who don’t agree.

-to live with a purpose, and answer the question “Why am I Here?” with “To know God, and to help others.”

-Our desire is to live with such love that it can’t be mistaken for anything else.

-we want to have intelligent discussions about our faith, and be able to give an intelligent reason for our belief, not just the canned “because my parents were” response.

-Help us use the gifts God gave us to help others

-We want to help and know you, too.

Come Join us!