judetheratHello, folks and furries, I’m Jude and I would like to welcome you to the Christian Furry Fellowship.

We’ve been sleeping (somewhat fitfully) for the last year or so, but it looks like the Lord has a lot in store for us now.  We are still in the formative early days of rebuilding the ministry, and could always use more pairs of faithful hands to help us in the work and service to the Furry Fandom. Volunteers are always needed but your prayers are needed just as much, if not more. So if you feel you want to contribute, please pray that the Lord bless this ministry in whatever means needed to spread the Good News of forgiveness of sins and a new, holy life in Christ to the Fandom.

Now here’s what can you do at our new website from day one:

Do you need us to pray for you? Feel free to use the contact form to send us any prayer requests you may have.

You want to get involved? Take a look at the opportunities to serve as they become available. (Right now, we could use artists and writers to help with the site.)

Want to connect with the Christian Furry community? We have a direct connection to the chat room and message boards ready to go.