Committing the Bible to memory is one of the most important things a Christian can do. In our fast paced world, where we can have a Bible at our fingertips, memorization can seem almost backwards, but it’s really not. Before literacy was common in the civilized world, followers of Christ would memorize entire books of the Bible, and would enjoy the adventure in doing so.

Filling our heads with the words of the Scriptures gives God ammunition to use when we’re facing temptation or have come to an obstacle. The Bible also reminds us of how God cares for us and seeks to bless us, making us more like Jesus. It may not feel comfortable at the time, but having the Bible planted in our hearts can convict us of sin that’s hindering our overall spiritual lives with Jesus.

For all those reasons, every Tuesday morning, the Christian Furry Fellowship posts a Bible verse to memorize for the week for any who wish to do so.  By following the Truth Bible Memory Plan offered by Crossway Publishers, it’s our hope that we can provide another tool for your spiritual growth.

Week 1 – God’s Knowledge – Psalm 139.1-4

If you would like to go on your own pace, or see what Scripture passages are coming up in future weeks, you can access a PDF of the plan here.