There aint’ no stopping us now. I would just like to say that from the outset so I am perfectly clear right off the bat.

Now, I am going to bring this to you loud and clear. But, How loud do I need to say if before you all start to hear?

Christianity has become watered down, its left the true Gospel. The church has become part of the very problem. (Note, not all churches, but I have seen a lot that fall into this category) Its become less to teaching from the Word of God, and more about teaching feel good, warm and fuzzy sermons that don’t convict us, that don’t make us go out and be Christians. These sermons let us stay on our lazy boyz and let others do the work for Christ while we sip our drinks. To be honest, the church has become infected with the American dream.

We have become lazy. We have become apathetic, how often do we see that people stop acting Christian like as soon as they hit the exit doors from the church. Last time I checked, being a Christian doesn’t stop at the front door, thats where it really begins. Out in the world. We talk big, but then we sit in apathy.
I can’t count how many times I have seen or heard a Christian say to someone who doesn’t have enough food or money, “I will pray for you” and do absolutely nothing, instead they could, gee I don’t know. Buy the person a meal…

So, I can name the problems, but I have a solution. Bring back the revolution. It rises from the darkness and shines like the sun. And as the sun gets higher, out watered down gospel catches fire. And the true gospel comes through. Its a dream that I now have and I hope it comes true.

Oh, I forgot to say, the revolution, it starts with you.

You have been a Christian for how long and your still on Similac (Infant formula) Like Paul says, its time we moved from the milk and started eating solid food. I hope by now, we all know the basics of the faith. Why then are we stuck on them. Lets dig into the word. Feed that hunger that is to know God.

So, I want to bring the reformation back, Like the days of Martin Luther. Back then the common people couldn’t read God’s Word, you had to be a monk or a priest to read Latin. Well, the reformation changed all that. But the fire has cooled down ever since that generation. We have put down our Bibles and picked up play-stations, we should be studying God’s Word, growing in knowledge and strength.

The worst part is, we can’t even defend our faith, because a lot of Christians don’t even know what their faith is. We say we love His Word, but we have a funny way to show it. (As in we don’t show it.)
The world walks by and we don’t have a thing to say. Thats a problem.
I call em like I see it, and that is what I see today. A watered down, dumbed down gospel message, that isn’t the true gospel at all. Worst of all, people are flocking to this in large masses.

All the while we Christians are to busy in fighting while the world watches. We are too busy quarreling amongst ourselves, we fail to see what the world does. We are complete hypocrites. And we wonder why people walk away from us. Because our lives show them that we are no different from them. And that is a true failure. Its time to clean house.

Our hearts have grown cold, and we have such numb souls.. But t-shirts and bumper stickers and cute catch phrases, man, we got those by the truck load. My question is, is true Christianity those bumper stickers or t-shirts we love to wear? What does Scripture say about this, “They honor me with words but their hearts are far away.” Again, I call it like I see it, and this is what I see today.

As a church we lack repentance and we lack true affection, not only in our minds but our hearts also need correction. And man, thats true Christianity, resignation and contrition. To love one another so much that we would die before division.

So, I say the revolution returns. The reformation lives on. The great awakening is NOW!!! Lets open our eyes.
A war is on against the principalities of darkness. And my rally cry is no compromise. No to compromising our faith, no to watering down the gospel, no to modernizing Christianity (conforming to society)

So, will you join me? Will you admit the waters around us have grown. We had better start swimming or we will sink like a stone. Do you stand with me, or do I stand alone? Its time we stand up, enlist for the war. I’ve know Truth and have been cut to the core. And now I am back in the game, a new man, a new creation. And I think its time we even the score. And I mean to go out with both my guns blazin. I lay everything on the line for Christ Jesus.
We can’t turn back the clock, but we can turn the tables.