I’ve decided to start a study series finally. I’ve been wanting to do one for a while now and get into study oriented teaching. So! I’ve picked Proverbs for the first run, and hopefully I’ll be able to put these out steadily. I’m not sure what kind of pace we’ll have but I do hope no to stall as things usually go.

If you’ve been listening to the iiiTailsPodcast then you should know who I am at this point. To the rest of you, allow me to introduce myself.

Hello there, I’m the eccentric cat known as Thomas Maltuin. I like metaphors and abstract nonsense and achromatic palettes. I could ramble for ages but that doesn’t seem productive so I’ll try to be “to the point.”

I’m eclectic in most things and I like to look at odd but relevant perspectives. I like to think outside the box. Granted we have to be cautious not to lose the box–the idea isn’t to escape the box, but to look at it from a new angle. I’m not qualified to authoritatively teach you, well… anything. So I won’t. What I’d like to do is to study with you and maybe along the way we’ll all learn something new and maybe you’ll see something you didn’t notice before.

Blessed be the name of Jesus and may God fill our hearts with his word and his love.