So, for the last couple days I have been involved in some pretty heated debates on Science Vs. God, which boils down to Atheism Vs. God.

For the last few days I have been defending God using science and other truths. Well I was at it again tonight when it finally hit me. Why was I defending God. He doesn’t need me to defend him. He can clearly do that himself. So that got me wondering what the real reasons behind me continuing posting in these threads. And God hit me (spiritually speaking)

It was my pride. I had to be right. I had to win the argument. I thought at the time I stated posting in these threads that I was doing the right ting. My thinking was, well if one person gets what I am saying and accepts God then I have done my Job. But in reality this was my excuse.
I had to be right. I do not need to prove God exists. Its not my job to make people believe. My job is to tell people about God through my words and more importantly my actions. God will take care of the rest.
So, tonight I ask the Lord for forgiveness. To forgive this mans prideful and arrogant heart.

Go in peace,