We live in a world hostile to Christianity. Secularism, false religions, and self-deification are some of the tools the enemy is using to spread the lies that lead to eternal damnation. Unbelievers are its preachers and teachers. They do not know they are professing the false message of the evil one. They resist the truth of God’s word and unwittingly help the enemy who is prowling back and forth looking for multitudes to devour. The Devil is using the world, secularism, and relativism to spread false beliefs and rebellion against the true God. To see this, all we need is to turn on the TV and we can see the sins of abortion, homosexuality, paganism, and the occult promoted. Add to this the fact that our Christian freedoms are being slowly reduced by a government more concerned with itself than its people and you can begin to see how actively hostile the world is to Christianity. We can see it and we watch it….. from the comfort of our easy chairs.

While we sit comfortably by, the enemy is working hard. Too many Christians want to do “the Sunday thing” only on Sundays instead of every day. Because of the complacency of the Christian church, the enemy is slowly inching us towards the edge of oblivion. We cannot sit around and hope that those few Christians who actually fight for the faith will somehow do what they themselves are not motivated to do. If the enemy can get the Christians’ eyes off of the commission to “make disciples of every nation” (Matt. 28:19) by distracting us with creature comforts, economic security, our desire not to make waves, or the expectation that someone else will make a difference in the world, that is when we will put down our armor so we can rest in the comforts of our easy lives. In such a state, the enemy is more effective than we are. Too many Christians are calloused to the subtle movement of the enemy all around them and they cannot see the eminent danger approaching. They cannot see how secularism is inching them (and all of Christianity) towards destruction.

Which do you think will happen in the future? Will our nation encourage the development of Christian freedom or work to hinder it? Will any of the nations of the world humble themselves to serve the true God or will they promote a one world government, moral relativism, and/or false religions like Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, etc.? Do any of you think that merely hoping someone else will make a difference will actually make a difference? If you do, you are self-deceived. While the homosexuals have a united front, we Christians are fragmented into countless denominational groups. The woman’s rights movement has done so much to damage the family and even to help Christian families disintegrate. The liberals in the media have contributed more than their share to social decay by promoting violent and immoral movies, TV, radio, etc., of which too many Christians partake. But here is a warning. This very comfort and security that we cherish in America is blinding us to the dangers ahead. What dangers? The dangers of bondage and oppression. We think that as long as things are okay now, that things will be okay in the future. Well, they won’t be. History tells us that the enemy doesn’t sleep and he always works to destroy God’s people. Let’s not sleep. Let’s not awaken one day to find ourselves in bondage to the political correctness of anyone who would define our right to speak of Christ right out of existence. Let’s not forsake the cross of Christ and let’s not ignore the Great Commission. We Christians need to pray, fast, and sacrifice in order to spread the gospel. We Christians need to study God’s word and support those who further the kingdom of God.

Don’t get too comfortable. Support missionaries. Pray for evangelists and pastors. Pray for God’s will to be done in hearts. Pray even to be prepared and used by God. Get out there and fight for righteousness with whatever gifts God has given you, whether it be finances, money, words, love, helps, prayer, motherhood, fatherhood, etc. Do whatever you do for God’s glory and live your lives so that the word of God would be exalted and others would see the light of Christ in you — even if it costs you something.