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An Update On Where We’re All At

Hello there!

Thanks to anyone reading this, it means you follow us despite the silence.

I’d like to give everyone an update on recent events, where we’re at (et cetera). I’ll also talk a little about what our plans are for the future though I won’t go into much detail. Then I’d like to have a quick devotional/reflective moment at the end.



Where have we been?

School. Jude and I are both full-time students and have been trying to pay our respective bills without letting our grades slip. Prayers are appreciated, school is a lot of work. It’s also a blessing just to be able to attend however and It’s currently an object of passion for me.

Now, while we have been at school and we have been overwhelmed, neither Jude nor myself consider this an excuse for inactivity. If anything, I, for one, need to COMMIT to putting in the time on a weekly basis. This ministry is needed and I believe in it, therefore I need to put in the time.


Where are we now?

Still school, but planning for the future and trying to decide what next steps to take so that we can march forward with confidence. The Christian Furry Fellowship intends to do more than just sit around and occasionally say something novel while moderating a chatroom. We wish to resume Bible studies very soon on discord. We do have plans but again, your prayers are appreciated.


What about the podcast?

That’s…also in the planning. It’s not our main focus right now, but we’re sorta bummed out that it got dropped for so long. We have been trying to go about hosting it more professionally with an RSS feed and a slot in the itunes store… YOU KNOW, LIKE A REAL PODCAST.

But, I digress. We will probably start back with a fresh season and a cleaner format and I’d like to personally thank each and everyone of you that have reached out saying that you enjoyed the show and that it made you smile. Thank you, really.


Where are we going?

The current idea is to get this organization up and running as a business. In the long run we’d like to form a non-profit organization, but to get started we may have to just be a regular business on paper (in other words, we may start as a normal business and just put any money it generates back in until we get settled and then convert into a non-profit entity). We may like to have a forum and otherwise expand our web presence. Further, we’d like to give to charity and begin official appearances at conventions.

My big concern and cause for caution (much to the frustration of my peers) is that big projects can be fragile and laying a good foundation is essential. I tend to spend too much time surveying the landscape, but I’m working on that. Keep us in your prayers as it is our hope that this would all be sanctioned by God and blessed by His presence.


Where are you?

I want to break away now to ask some introspective questions and share a couple of thoughts I’ve had as of late.

Where are you at with God?

Where am I with God?

Where are we? What are we doing? Where are we going?

It’s easy to ignore these questions. It’s easy to overlook their gravity. It’s also dangerous.

I stated above that I spend too much time trying to plan out a foundation. So much so that I never get around to laying one down. Then when nothing happens for a while, I get behind in something else and think about that for a while.  A poster at my school says, “Wherever you are, be all there.” I don’t know if it’s a famous quote or what but It’s a good saying. More specifically though, we need to “live in the moment.” That almost feels strange coming from this believer’s lips since it sounds like a modern secular proverb of “living life to it’s fullest,” but it actually make sense when we look at it through the right lens. What does it mean to “live life to the fullest?” Well, that all depends on how you define “living” and “life.” Of course we have the scripture saying that whoever loses his life will gain it and also, we know that Jesus is life, but let’s think about it in terms of priorities. What’s important to you? What would make this life a full one? As a Christian, we have some priorities that we should think of as fulfilling. How we meet those is somewhat up to us but what fulfills us?  We need to live in that moment.

We need to be present.

We need to be actively thinking about how our daily life and our future goals can serve “life” and those who don’t have it (and I speak all this knowing I have it to work on myself).

We need to be in the present.

We have to live now. I’ll save the ol’ speech on why “we mustn’t live in the past and get caught up in guilt or disappointment over our personal histories” for another time. All the same, we gotta live today to make a better tomorrow.

We have to–I have to– live in today. Planning for tomorrow without getting lost in it. Personally, I try to be a visionary to a fault. Dreaming up plans and goals is FANTASTIC… but it doesn’t matter too much if I don’t ever start building. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we dream up fantasies and projects that are just fun to think about, but when one really means something or we feel it’s important, we have to do more than just plan.

So I say to myself and to you all, be all there. Whatever your plan or purpose is, be present in it as best you can.

Pray for this organization that it will do the same.


~Thomas, Maltuin

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