Happy New Year, Mischief! Jude here!

We know that things have been sleepy and slow these last few months, but as always, even when things don’t look active, we trust that God is at work behind the scenes. We can’t see it, but our Lord is getting things in place, softening hard hearts, setting up opportunities for us and for you to share His love and light to the world, or maybe just into your world.

Thomas and I (as well as our helpers) are going shooting for early March to get the podcast back up and running, but you may see some smaller projects from us before then. We’re also working on getting weekly Bible studies back sometime mid-February. We’re sorry for the wait, but we want to do right by the Lord and right by you guys and put out the best studies (and other stuff) we can.

Do you have any ideas or concerns? Feel like you can help? Well, we do have a backlog of requests and offers that we are still reading through, but don’t let that stop you. Send us a note at either the Christian Furs FA account or the Christian Furry Fellowship FA account. We also have the website contact page here that you can use to reach us. By the end of the week, it’ll be updated with all the various means you can reach out to us!

Finally, if it’s okay for us to ask you, would you mind praying for us and this ministry to the Fandom? There is so much work to be done, so many hearts and lives that are hurting and in need of the comfort that only Jesus can provide. There are so many souls sitting in darkness who don’t even know what they’re blind to. Thomas and I can’t let life get in the way again, and we will definitely need God’s help.