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Episode of the III Tails Podcast

Ep. 11 Cartoons

Today we talk about cartoons. Perhaps one day we will talk about being cartoons, but for now we’ll just talk…

Episode 10 — Furry Bucket Lists

    Today we talk about our own furry “bucket lists.” Super important note: We’re working to release these episodes…

Episode 9 – The Fandom is Not…

Today on the III Tails Podcast, the gang talks about what the Furry Fandom is not. Facebook Twitter Feel free…

Ep. 8 The Fandom

Today we talk about “The Fandom” objectively and subjectively. Facebook Twitter V\/V ~ COMMENT BELOW ~ V\/V

Episode 7 – Goals

Today we talk about what goals we have and what motivates us to achieve them. Comments: BELOW¬† BRUH…

Episode 6 – Communication

In this episode we communicate… about communication. Twitter: @iiiTailsPodcast Facebook:

Episode 5 – Music

Today we talk about music. Thomas is a show-off, and bad at it, Jude gets mellow, and Tomo speaks… good…

Ep. 4 Art and Creativity Part 2

  Follow us on Twitter! — (@iiiTailsPodcast) Like us on Facebook! – COMMENT SECTION BELOW :3`, ‘,~

Ep. 3 Art and Creativity

This week we talk about art and creativity! Don’t forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter! @iiiTailsPodcast Also,…

Ep. 2 – (Re)introductions

Today we go into a bit more detail about ourselves and Jude grinds some exp. for his pun skill-tree.

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