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We are a group of Christian furries and fans assembled together (since the late 90s) to serve God, encourage one another and make a positive influence on the Furry Fandom at large.

We are committed to seeing authentic faith in the Good News of Jesus not just surviving in the fandom, but thriving to become a genuine source of bountiful community, creativity and friendships both in the Fandom and out.


The Christian Furry Fellowship is not a church because there are certain “church things” we just cannot and are not equipped to do. We strongly urge everyone to find a local church that teaches properly from the Bible.

The Christian Furry Fellowship is a Christian ministry to the furry fandom. As such, CFF is a safe haven for Christians and non-Christians, furries and those who are not part of the fandom, to learn about and get to know Jesus for themselves, and to experience His forgiveness and love.

We are governed by a set of theological affirmations; in other words, everything we do here is guided in attitude and action by our statements of belief and practice, which in turn are grounded in the Scriptures.

How we work:

We at CFF have the primary focus of making the Lord Jesus and the Gospel known and seen accurately. While God accepts and loves us without regard to how well we do this task, we want to do all we can to show our gratitude toward Him is genuine and lasting. We invite all our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ to join us as we do God’s will towards the fandom in particular and the world in general.

The Christian Furry Fellowship is a Christian, evangelical, missional and post-denominational organization.

It may seem like a mouthful, but it’s easily broken down into bits that make sense and are easily understood.

First, we are Christians, that itself sets us apart as different from other world religions and faith-systems. Christians are those who have seen been forgiven by God, been born into his family and love,  and serve and trust Jesus. As Christians, we are faithful and conform our lives to the Holy Bible, which produced both the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds – accurate affirmations basic Christian truths telling about God, who He is and what He’s done.

There are many good and godly ministries who would stop with the historic creeds, but the leadership of the Christian Furry Fellowship understands that they were the product of specific controversies of the time. So while the creeds are accurate explanations of Christian belief, they are not comprehensive or exhaustive in their scope. In the case of the Nicene Creed especially, Christians generally rejected it for many years. There are many things in historic, orthodox Christianity that simply are not addressed by the Creeds, and it would be irresponsible to merely mention the historic Creeds and stop at that.

Christian simply means that we have submitted our lives to the leadership of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, secondly we call ourselves evangelical. Despite the baggage that has swirled around that word in recent years, following set of beliefs characterize evangelical Christians.

  • Jesus, fully divine and fully human, is the only full and complete revelation of God and therefore the only Savior.
  • In the death of Jesus on the cross, he took the penalty for our sins and reconciled us to God.
  • Salvation is God’s gift grasped through faith. We contribute nothing to our salvation.
  • Holy Spirit brings a new kind of life, a spiritual rebirth and a new power to live as Jesus did, living properly before God, and reaching out to the poor, sick, and oppressed among people.
  • The Bible is God’s own communication to us written down, and so is fully trustworthy as our final guide to faith and practice.
  • In a future, personal return of Jesus, he will set up the tangible reign of God on Earth.

It is important to share these beliefs so that others may experience God’s salvation and love and may walk in Jesus’ way.

Evangelical simply means that we joyfully share the Good News of Jesus.

Thirdly, the Christian Furry Fellowship is missional. This is just a big word that means we acknowledge, celebrate and obey the command we have from Jesus to go into the world to make more people who love Him, trust Him and obey Him. We are to do this in the best, most culturally relevant ways that we’ve been granted in our place in history. Simply put, out of thankfulness for what we have received from God, we then go out and let others know they can receive the very same gift.  Our aim is to serve Jesus by serving others.

Missional simply means that we actively find ways to present the Good News in ways that our peers and community can understand.

Finally we are post-denominational. We don’t stop at simply being non- or inter-denominational.  Basically, this means that we strive for unity among the different Christian traditions: denominational differences between those firmly within historic Christian belief are not the same thing as sinful, destructive disunity. Because people are limited in their knowledge and perspectives, and because God has decided to work within our limited existence for a time, differences in understanding will arise. These differences are used by God to foster communication and wisdom between groups of Christians that may not feel a need or want to interact. We celebrate our denominations, knowing Christ is glorified the most when we worship and serve through unity in diversity.  We only draw “lines in the sand” where God has clearly demonstrated and affirmed is where he draws His line in the sand.

Post-denominational simply means that while our traditions are important, the unity that comes from a proper understanding of Christ is most important.

We hope that God uses our little ministry outreach to open eyes to the glory of God, open hearts to surrender to Christ and through the Spirit offer open arms to take care of one another in love.


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  1. I’m a christian furry and I have been drawing art for a long time and I try to make a movie or comic series inspired by left behind series but in call of duty kinda thing. Well its about anthros plan to enslave all of human kind. Some anthros are Christians, worse jackals that are christians must convert to Anubis worship if not they be put to death. Humans however hate anthros because they’re slaves, the legion X13 are human legion that was formed in post judgment day. Their leader is a cursed human jackal, she has no love for anthros and the oneworld government. Grawn castillo is her name. But she hates both humans and anthros that join the new world order and the Antichrist.

  2. Hi.. I’m in Chicago with my 21 yo son. Can you please tell me where you are meeting tomorrow morning?


    Jeff Schmidt

    • Hi there,
      Sorry for the delay.

      We actually don’t have “meetings” as we are not a church. However we would like to have online Bible studies soon!

  3. Hi! I’m a Christian furry, and I’d like to thank you for making this page. It’s very informative and well typed.

  4. Max (Furry Name Unyun)

    February 20, 2019 — 12:03 am

    I am a Furry and a strong believer in Christ. My spouse came across this site and had no idea that furries in Christ was even a thing. My spouse told me about it and I am looking forward to fellowship with my fellow furries.

  5. HI FRIENDS!!!

  6. Heather D. Evans

    March 21, 2020 — 5:33 pm

    Hi there. I am a Christian mother whose lovely 12 year old daughter is a furry. She just told me this week. I am wondering when you might be having Bible studies and also if you need any help with your site and/or outreach program.

  7. I’m a Christian who came out as a furry at the end of January. I’m hoping I find other furries who are in the Christian faith that I can make friends with and discuss certain topics with.

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